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Gravity VORTEX appears in High Times Magazine!

After winning at the 2006 High Times Cannabis Cup, High Times has reviewed the VORTEX and they gave it two thumbs up! Appearing in the GEAR GUIDE, High Times had nothing but praise for the best new way to smoke. Here is their review. Enjoy!

“Building a decent gravity bong is often more trouble than it is worth. The Gravity VORTEX solves the dilemma with an all-in-one water pipe that does all the work for you. This party-pleasing pipe uses gravity to pull the smoke through the water and into a second chamber. All you have to do is inhale the cooled smoke and pack another. Always an attention grabber, the Gravity VORTEX will surely pull you into its orbit. ”
— High Times, April 2007

"I would like to have a Gravity Vortex most of all because they are easy are your throat and lungs. They have three cool colors and two practical sizes to chose from.It,s design is very logical and easy to use. It is a piece of art that you could imagine in a art museum of the 21st. century along with the latest inventions. Yes, I would be very proud to own a Gravity Vortex for the happiest of times to celebrate life!"

"The reason i would like to have the gravity vortex is that i like to get high. seems like a simple statement and it is. i dont have a lot of money like many people and i like to get the most out of my herb, and thats why i love gravity bongs. unfortunately, they're way too messy for typical everyday use. thats why the gravity vortex is awesome. its completely self contained so its easier to use than even a regular bong.
plus, it fucking whistles."

hello VORTEX,

Jason here from VA, recently purchased a 14in Vortex and it is the best purchase i have ever made, i absolutely love it and so do all my friends. I was just wondering if ya'll had any suggestions as far as cleaning tips because of frequent usage my vortex is gettin a little dirty.
thanks a lot


Hey Jason,

Thanks for loving the Gravity VORTEX. I am glad you and your friends use it a lot. We chose to make the Gravity VORTEX strong and durable. Because of this, the unit can not be taken apart to clean. We hope that everyone who buys this piece takes care of it, uses fresh water and change the water regularly. Keeping your Vortex clean will make it last longer. But, understand that The Vortex is meant to be thrown in the back of the truck and taken to parties, on trips, or outdoors. It is strong and portable, but will become worn and dirty over time.

The cleaning process requires warm water (WARM; NOT VERY HOT WATER) and a small brush. We recommend using a "fish-tank" cleaning tool or even a "gun barrel" brush. These tools can be used to rinse and scrub the stem of the Vortex unit. If the stem is kept clean, or if you use a bowl that catches the ash before it falls into the unit, your Vortex will last longer.
We also recommend using a natural and safe cleaning product, like "Green Glass Clean" cleaner for acrylic and plastic pipes. If you don't have that product, you can use alcohol ... very small amounts of rubbing alcohol or even vodka or lemon juice. Shake the Vortex unit and some of the build-up will come loose and be flushed through to the bottom and then out the carb-hole.

If you are having trouble finding these products, our company sells a CLEANING KIT. This can be purchased by calling our sales office at


Dear Gravity VORTEX,

As a federal medical marijuana exemptee I am always looking for safer, less harmful ways to use cannabis. After many years of trying products that didn't do what they claimed. I am happy to say that the Gravity Vortex is one product that does not fall into this category.

The Gravity Vortex is very easy to use, even for novices. Simply fill the top reservoir with water, load the bowl and let the Vortex do the work.
The vapour is clean, smooth and doesn't hurt your lungs. Whether you smoke daily or only once in a while, the Gravity Vortex is perfect for all users. I especially liked the three different sizes offered as well as the colour choices.
Not only does it look great, but the Gravity Vortex is virtually indestructible. Unlike other low-quality smoking devices, the Gravity Vortex is made from a strong, resilient, poly-carbonate composite. To test the strength of the Gravity Vortex I dropped it from a 2nd floor balcony. As soon as it hit the ground we filled the unit with water, loaded our bowl and smoked a clean, smooth hit.
Try doing that with your Volcano!!

As a social person I was also amazed at how much fun people had using the Gravity Vortex. It started with two people and soon we had a crowd of 15 people standing around watching the Gravity Vortex in action. There was actually a lineup to use the Vortex!

Thanks very much for creating an outstanding product that provides me a safe, fun way to enjoy my medicine with my friends!


Dear Gravity Vortex,

I don’t think I will ever forget the day I first saw the Gravity Vortex. After a very enjoyable smoking session with friends, I found myself stuck surfing the internet, because all of the PS2 video game controllers were taken. I was on a my space page when I saw someone left a comment talking about the Gravity VORTEX. I opened up the gravity vortex Myspace page and could not be more in love. I immediately went to their web site, watching the videos in absolute amazement. I called all of my friends over to the computer screen and we all watched the clips carefully. We were all glued to the computer screen with excitement. From that point on for the next four months, I promised myself that I would get the vortex for my birthday. Time passed and all I could do was watch the movies on the Myspace page and the web site, but I knew my birthday was just around the corner and it would be mine. Finally the day came where the VORTEX would be in my possession. I went to our local and favorite head shop where the owner had ordered it for me a few weeks prior, so I could have it the day I turned 18. That night on my birthday we christened the VORTEX .It was one of the best nights of my life, one never to be forgotten Cialis 20 mg. The VORTEX has had many successful smoking sessions since then, and we all love it. The Gravity VORTEX is one of the best smoking devices ever made and I’m glad that I kept with my promise to myself.


The Gravity Vortex is unbelievable. I use mine everyday and it still kicks my ass. It is the most efficient smoking device EVER. It has saved me hundreds of dollars in only a few months of use. I had been searching and searching for something this powerful and fun to use and you guys really came through.

Keep saving the world one smoker at a time.

Thank you and Goodluck!

When you guys say ‘cutting edge’, you really mean it. I have gotten hundreds of comments on how great the Vortex is. My whole group can’t get enough of the thing. There is nothing else out there like it.

Rocks my world every time!



I used to only smoke occasionally but the Vortex has changed that. Now, my boyfriend makes me the perfect sized hit before we go out dancing every weekend. You just measure out how much you want. He is like a f*cking ‘mad-scientist’ with your device. All I have to do is breath in and I’m DONE. It is always clean and goes down smooth. Thanks guys, I owe you one.


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